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Services provided by A&M Excavating


Dam cleaning and building, track building and maintenance, installing culverts, water tabling, battering, track metaling and lime spreading, cattle yard cleaning, pulling out tree stumps, clearing gorse and blackberry, shelter belt removal.

Lifestyle blocks

See services for farms, excavator mounted stump grinder, site clearing and leveling, trenching for water pipes and power cables, etc


Metal and lime delivery, tree pulling, pushing up in burn piles and burning, trenching.


  • Excavator 12 tonne
    • Wide tilt cleaning bucket (for general work, battering banks, water tabling, dam cleaning)
    • Standard dig bucket (for more aggressive excavation in harder or stonier ground))
    • Ripper (for pan and breaking of hard ground, tree pulling, ripping of roots etc)
    • Root rake (for tidying of tree trimmings, stacking orchard burn piles for a clean burn, raking gorse and blackberry)
    • Trenching bucket (0.5m wide for trenching for water pipes, electricity, phone, etc)
    • Stump grinder
  • Excavator 4 tonne
    • Zero swing for tight places
    • Blade for pushing
    • Laser level
  • Tipper - 6x4 truck with removable alloy tub for cartage of bark, mulch, roading materials, lime, etc. Without the bin the truck is a tractor unit.
  • Transport trailer - 2 axle tilting gooseneck transport trailer capable of carting all sorts of machinery.
  • Bulldozer - also available on request.

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